By Zap Project


ZapHub is well optimized for all the games it supports. Plus it can run on all level 7 and 8 exploits.

Pc and Mobil Support

ZapHub supports both mobile and PC. Something that very few hubs usually have nowadays.

Fast Updates

ZapHub always receives constant updates so that all of its features work perfectly.

Best Free Hub

We have the best scripts for each game we work for. We have compatibility with 10 games, to know which are visit "Features".

Best Support

We have one of the best support for our hub in all areas related to ZapHub. In addition, our staff is usually active for a long time.

Fast Key

The key we use is very secure and easy to obtain.


We have suggestion channels for you to help us or tell us ideas to add to our hub, never be shy to leave your idea.

Friendly Community

We have a very friendly community from our point of view. It is rare to see users insulting or annoying others. Besides we are always improving our automatic moderation.